Jason Blaha Muscle Coach


How To Apply: You can contact me through Facebook messenger to my page with your information and why you want me to coach you and believe you could benefit from it. Messages that do not include at minimum your background information such as height, weight, age, current lifts, why you think you would benefit from my coaching will be ignored. Please read ALL of the below before messaging me and include details of your ability to meet my requirements. Thank you.

The packages being offered for $250 a month include the following:

1) Custom training programing, based on individual goals with 1-3 week adjustments, and based upon the facilities and equipment available.

2) Two one hour video calls per month to discuss your form, goals, get feed back and establish a rapport with each client.

3) Form coaching.

4) Email support for questions and updates regarding your training.

5) You will be added to my private Facebook friend's list for easier access.