My XP in the Iron Game in Strength Training

They didn't believe I could do it. I thought I couldn't do it. Perspective.

I've had a large number of people express that they wish they could hire me for coaching but simply cannot afford it. Writing custom programs for people is far less time consuming that individual coaching which requires frequent skype sessions, form check videos, form coaching etc. This is why I charge $250 per month. The amount of time commitment with each client limits the total slots available. However Im considering opening a second service that is purely custom training programing for clients who either need less individual attention or whose budget simply cannot accommodate this. I'd like to get the thoughts on my viewers regarding their interests in such services.

Haters like to say oh well Jason your clients aren't real, Notice these channels who talk about me personally when the entirety of my online content is about training and fitness, are not physically capable of completely my weekly workouts that I upload. They should work on their strength and conditioning. Well, I have shown you my actual spreadsheets but now I am successful enough and well paid enough to actually not give a shit. Bring it.

This is my black book. These are my dedicated neophyte fitness athletes in training and they follow me because I'm a good leader with consistant work ethics. Half of this list can't even book a session for live time on Skype, just because the sheer numbers I'm taking in.

In b4 Muslim Cyber stalkers and incel forum posters say these are sock accounts. lol