Stolen Valor Claims PUT TO BED!!

Again, people are going to say that either I have lied by not admitting or lied by only admitting parts of truths. However I did not do either of those things, what I said it was simple trolling and I apologized. How is that lying. I record myself on camera for the whole world to see and brother, that's straight up honesty right there. lol. Lies? It was one lie which was trolling and in spite of that I apologized for a LONG time ago and actually deleted the videos 4 years ago, admitted it was in poor taste on my part and that I wished I had not done it. At a certain point you guys have to let that go. People need to stop worrying about other channels and worry about their own content other than just roasting other channels.

What I did learn from that is never apologize and I will never apologize for anything publicly again. #1 people don't accept your apologies even if they are sincere and #2 your enemies view it as a mark of weakness. So the fake merc thing taught me one of my most valuable life lessons. Never ever apologize in public. Own everything you do with confidence even when you are wrong. lol

They say they hate me yet use his name in their title to get viewership. Without me THEY HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Just like the media. Without Trump they have nothing to talk about. Notice how these channels that hate me never attack my training regimen and it's always personal and hominems? Maybe if I was a SHIT LIB I would be better liked. Notice these channels who talk about me personally when the entirety of my online content is about training and fitness, are not physically capable of completely my weekly workouts that I upload. They should work on their strength and conditioning

I am the Chosen One. Lok'tar Ogar!