Recording Myself On Camera to Get Paid Makes Sense


Happy Halloween

I've had a large number of people express that they wish they could hire me for coaching but simply cannot afford it. There have times I've been needing to increase my working capacity and muscle fiber recruitment but didn't have the funds to calibrate. Tough times create tough men. We have to hustle and get money to survive. Simple fact. It's a simple fact that you have to get money by doing anything. There has been an enormous request for this and generally I have only worked with 1 or 2 muscle pig shoots.. People often request that if I do not wish to do "day of eating videos" can I simply show my food. Usually experimental/LGBGTQ/gender dysphoric friends, at a time for years but have decided to open up online cam streaming for fans after years of requests. However Im considering opening a second service that is purely custom requests on cam. They want to know what I eat to recomposition while staying 218-220 and gaining strength as an advanced lifter. Its actually far more boring than you might think so I added some flare to make it more exciting. Hopefully this satisfies everyone's curiosity. :D It is something I grew into. I used to do the exact opposite but have said on camera that isn't what I want to do any more, that I want to focus more on helping people and making my criticism of others constructive rather than negative. We have to build people up if we want positive changes to occur.

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