Yes, I, Jason Blaha, have a Real disability And It isn't Autism!!

Haters Will Say Menieres Disases isn't Real!

Tapping in my left ear which occurs occasionally (2-3 times per week for about 30min) in response to auditory input to the opposing side (in other

words, if someone is speaking into my right ear, I get corresponding "taps" in my left ear drum every word they say)

Constant tinnitus, but of relatively low volume.

Swelling sensations in my ear

~ Episodic vertigo (ranging from mild to moderately high intensity) with nausea

~ Ear aches (sometimes constant during the episodes but can be pulsating)

Due to frequent oral infections, lately been taking Amoxicilin for 10 days (last pill this morning) for that pesky sinus and ear infection I had, but somehow I still have the ear pain and discomfort... I was hoping maybe it'd fix the issue.

Have you been able to manage your condition with any special 'tricks' or treatments?

The best thing I have ever found for my Meneire's isn't used in humans for the most part so not going to say the name here but hint the cell tech that most suppresses cortisol and reduces cortisol receptor count. Nothing I have been prescribed has controlled even a Sth of as well. Last year my cortisol levels were double the top end of the normal range, and cortisol levels impact frequency and severity of drop attacks in those with the condition.

Interesting symptoms... both my ears (I am bi-lateral) have the feeling of water or wetness in them with a pressure feeling that comes. and goes. I have loud tinnitus 24/7 inboth, although pitch and frequency vary day today and ear to ear, I've lost around 50% of my hearing in both ears, I still get a drop attack or two every week (where I fall to the floor sometimes vomit), I have no real sense of balance anymore so have to use my eyes to determine if I am walking strait, standing up or falling. I only get pain in my left ear but I also have a lot of scar tissue in it from surgeries as my left eardrum and several bones are grafts (I was completely deaf in that one for 9 years).