Proof that my coaching business would survive without YouTube

Proof my coaching business is real and gaining A LOT of tracktion.

So recently one of my paid clients awared me of another client unrelated to him has posted on 4chan and other troll sites a anonymous testimony of our professional business relationship.

If you have been following me for a while now which most of you have, then you are aware of the history these trolls have trying to defame my name, call my father, and more I can't go into detail about due to a pending investigation. I've had bomb threats called on me. They sent black men to my home that was looking for a catfish hookup. These people are sick and it obvious that they can't see the reality of it, as I do not react nor stoop to their level anymore.

Fact of the matter is I went from a devastating breakup with a girlfriend and theft of a dear loved one, to within less then a year, now a respected and accredited strength and fitness coach who has too much client enqueiry to take on new customers for my business seeing as my schedule does not allow for much time for me to focus on the drama and deal with the haters. 2020 is the Year of the Orc. 2020 is my year.

So here is a message from one of my clients who thought my training was so worth his time and hard earned money that he would defend my honor. This is how it is guys, unless you pay me $$$ for me to put you on to some cold game when it comes to strength. :)

And before any of you guys message me and say "well oh Jason this is not a real review, you wrote it yourself" and whatever delusions these incels might have. Well the answer is no, I will not reveal this individual's identity... But ask yourselbes, if this guy was a troll, how would they know how thorogh and attentive my services actually and how an average Skype session goes?

Don't kill the messenger guys if the message makes you butthurt. Especially after seeing this. lol

Message from satisfied customer of my training services...

Hello could you please post this jason blaha thread? I've tried to verify my account but the website will not send me the email.. I can not post without verifying my email but I am messaging you this to please post. This will be my first and last time on this site. I just wanted to clear up somethings and share my story so far.

My personal experience being a paid client of Jason Blaha

Hey everyone I'm a client of Jasons. I originally posted this on 4chan but they directed me to post it here too. This will be my only post here as I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions and answer some vague questions. I can't be very specific because 1) I do not want Jason to figure out which client I am and drop me and 2) 1 do not want to be harrassed by any of his haters.

I joined on as a client of Jasons during his 2nd opening of clients back in August. I'm a subscriber of his but I rarely actually watch his videos. I was referred to Jason by a friend who was already a client of Jason (below I will talk about the referral program). I was already looking for some type of strength coaching within the $100-150 range and I had posted on Facebook asking for advice that's when a mutual friend mentioned Jason's coaching services and showed me the videos. Since I did not have to sign a contract or commit for X amount of months I felt like the $250 month-by-month coaching was expensive but fairly risk free. If I didn't like it I could just stop paying and take it as a learning lesson and loss.

Finding courage to submit my application correctly

I messaged Jason through Facebook to set up a 1 on 1. I mentioned my friend referred me and we had our Skype call a day later. He did not charge me his "S25 fee” because I was referred by a client of his and the whole purpose of the fee is to filter out anyone trying to waste his time. The call went on for about a hour like he advertises. It was okay. He asks your basic questions like body stats like weight, height, age, training history and any disibilties or physical limitations then goes on to ask about your goals and expectations from his coaching services. I explained to him that I'm looking to increase my strength in my whole body that I wanted to eventually compete in a sport but I felt ike I needed a good strength base before actually competing in that sport on an amateur level. He wrote all of this down and then asked me if I had access to basic training equipment and the ability to record myself performing lifts. I told him yes and our video call ended shortly after that.

Worries he might just run off with my money

He told me he would get back to me and later on that evening messaged me saying he would be willing to take me on at $200 a month ($50 cheaper than what he advertises) and that if I accepted to send my first payment within a week to his personal bank account using Zelle.

I sent him the payment the next day and we scheduled another video call to set up my actual coaching. During this call he discussed the lifts he wanted me to do and to make sure I write in detail how each lift felt and how often I would be capable of performing the lift with adding weight or speed every workout I performed that lift. He told me the first 2 weeks of training will be @ little inconsistent as a lot of the exercises I will be doing will be used to find what works for me and be used to write my official training programs for weeks 3 and 4 and every week after that.

He mentioned the referral program that my friend used to refer me.

Jason said that he offers this to his clients to help lower the cost of training for his clients along with bringing in newer clients from already trusted clients. He said every client that I refer to him as long as that client becomes an active client of his then my monthly payment will go down $50 for each active client I refer to him but the lowest my bill will ever be is $100.

So even if I refer to him 5 clients my bill will ever be as low as $100. Once those clients leave my bill will go back up $50 unless I refer new clients. He said this is completely optional and to not go out of my way to do this.

Overall Summary

So far I have been a client for a few months ago and it’s going well. I can’t complain. During the one hour calls (every client gets 2 one hour video calls with Jason) he sits in the same spot to do the call as you see him sit in his videos with the flag behind him.

One time I heard a female interrupt him during our call asking for something and he told her that he was on a call with a client and that was it.

He apologized and we continued our call.